Car Accident in New Jersey

What to Do if You Have a Car Accident in New Jersey

With its heavy traffic and congested roads, the State of New Jersey is known for its frequency of road accidents. In 2020 alone, the Garden State recorded nearly 550 accidents with almost just as many fatalities.

These statistics encourage you to pay the utmost attention during your drives in the Garden State. At the same time, they also require you to know what to do if you run into an abrupt accident.

To ensure that you stay safe in the face of these risks, here is a quick lowdown on the steps to take after running into an accident in New Jersey. From checking for injuries to calling a car accident attorney, these simple practices go a long way in ensuring your wellbeing. You may learn more here about this aspect to understand how it all works.

Find Your Bearings and Check for Injuries

The first step that you should take after an accident is to check for your physical safety. Apart from checking for the sensations of pain or bleeding on yourself, you should also immediately look after any passengers riding in your vehicle.

By determining the extent of your injuries and any obstructions around your vehicle, you can make critical mental notes in your mind that can help you through the next few steps.

Call for Emergency Services to Receive Critical Aid

No matter which intersection of New Jersey witnesses your accident, you should make it a point to call for emergency services. This step is even more critical if you notice any severe injuries for yourself or your car’s passengers.

This makes sure you move forward with the steps of checking your surroundings and the damage on your car and help already gets on its way. This reduces the time it takes for you to receive critical aid.

Call for a Car Accident Attorney to Get Legal Representation

After taking care of the most urgent matters, such as checking on any other involved parties and collecting evidence, you should call for an auto accident attorney. Since New Jersey is a no-fault state, any damage in your accident is open to be covered by your insurance company. However, you sometimes need to fight your insurance provider tooth and nail for your ideal compensation.

That’s where a car accident lawyer comes in. After assessing the related damage in your accident and seeing the extent of your insurance policy, these legal experts can help you recover suitable funds against the incident.

Discuss Your Options With Your Lawyer and Insurance Provider

This particular aspect comes a little while after your accident, especially when you need treatment for your injuries or require repairs for your vehicle’s damage.

Your attorney discusses possible options in terms of compensation and settlement with your insurance company in these detailed consultations. They also address possible actions against any third-parties that are involved in the process. This is critical to resolving your auto accident case and covering any expenses such as medical bills that arise from it. That is why you need a reliable car accident attorney who could also deal with your insurance company with proper evidence and arguments.

Going through a car accident can be highly traumatic. However, by knowing what to do at the early as well as the progressive stages, you can ensure that you get on the road to recovery in a timely manner.

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