How to Find a Great Lawyer near You

Encountering troubling situations is almost guaranteed in life. This is why you have to have adequate support to help get you through. The quality of your support can either make difficult situations easier or add more frustration to an already difficult time.

Lawyers are no different.

Anyone can do a quick Google search and find a ‘lawyer near me’. The difficulty comes with trying to find a great lawyer. Finding a great lawyer can be a challenge, but once you find the lawyer that is right for you, you will be set for any legal issues you come across.

Where to Start in your Search For A Great Lawyer?

There are several search tools online for lawyers, and you have to ensure you are utilizing a legitimate one. If the site seems to only lead to one lawyer or one specific firm, you want to use another site because sites such as this have the goal of steering as much business towards one firm as possible, which is not beneficial to you as a customer.

Once you find a firm that seems like it would work for you, you need to research it. You want to find out how long the firm has been existing and whether or not they are well-regarded. Some sites will have a peer rating system that rates lawyers for competence and ethics.

Sites like this typically also have an option for you to search based on the type of lawyer or specialty you need.

You can also look at state or local bar association sites as some of them will provide referrals.

Suppose you have family and friends who have a relationship with lawyers. In that case, you can ask them if they would be willing to refer you to a lawyer or see if you can get into contact with the lawyer they are using and ask any questions you have about a firm you are thinking of utilizing.

Even if a friend or family member has used a lawyer who is not in the specialty or field you need, it can still be a great start in your search. If you can contact the person, it is more than likely that he or she can refer you to a friend, classmate or colleague in the field you are looking for.

You could try asking your insurance carrier which law firm they use to handle all their law matters. Insurance companies deal with lawyers regularly, so they will be able to steer you in the right direction by giving you a couple of recommendations.

After Finding a Lawyer, What Is The Next Step?

Once you have a couple of names, call the state bar association in the state you are located in and ask for the attorney’s disciplinary record before making any payments or hiring that attorney. This might seem like an unnecessary step, but it can save you a lot of time and money.

Meeting Your Potential Lawyer

Once you have thoroughly vetted a highly recommended lawyer, make a list of questions and bring these with you when you meet the lawyer in person.

Suppose your first interaction will be over the phone; ask these questions over the phone. Record the answers the attorney gives you by writing them down on a piece of paper. If you have several reputable lawyers in mind, this step can help you to make a final decision on who you want to go with for your situation.

Ultimately, you want to find a lawyer that has your best interests in mind. Since talking to lawyers is typically free, it is well worth it in the long run for you to take your time and find one that is on the same page as you.

You might have to go through multiple interviews before you find a lawyer that you are confident in.

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