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A Brief Overview of the Latest Impaired Driving Statistics

Did you think that fewer cars on the road during the pandemic meant fewer DUI accidents? Think again!

Despite Covid-19, alcohol-induced car crash fatalities were up 9% in 2020. What continues to drive impaired driving? Collective knowledge has increased, yet statistics aren’t reflecting that fact. Technology has also improved, but it hasn’t reduced collisions.

If you’re confused, then you’re not alone. Experts are scratching their heads on how to prevent impaired driving accidents. Read on to get informed on the latest impaired driving statistics and what they mean in 2021.

The Latest Statistics

The latest and most conclusive data sets come from 2019. According to NHTSA, 10,142 Americans perished due to alcohol-related car accidents. That means alcohol was a factor in 28% of all fatal crashes in 2019.

One startling fact — drugs were a factor in about 16% of impaired driving situations in 2020.

What To Do If You Get Accused of Impaired Driving

Have you ever made a bad decision and got behind the wheel impaired? There’s no shame in making an error, but you need to recognize that you made a mistake. You never want to feel comfortable driving while under the influence.

If you get arrested for impaired driving, then the authorities will likely bring you to jail. Your car will likely get towed, and you’ll need to bail yourself out at your first opportunity. It’s also imperative to call a drunk driving accident lawyer.

From there, you’ll need to face your criminal charges. If guilty, then you may end up needing to pay fines. You could get ordered to go to rehab. You may even need to install an interlock ignition device onto your car. Learn more about that technology below.

How to Prevent Impaired Driving in the Future

So, what’s an interlock ignition device? This type of technology is a breathalyzer that gets installed onto a car. The car operator must blow into the machine to trigger the ignition and start the car.

This simple device prevents impaired driving and saves lives.

That’s not the only technology that can help prevent accidents in the future, though.

New sensors, AI, and smart technologies are getting installed into cars. These sensors can help your car sense that you’re approaching another car too fast and stop for you. It can help alert you if you start to swerve into another lane.

Right now, the only problem is that this tech is new and not widespread. As it becomes more standard, more collisions will get prevented.

Impaired Driving Meets 2021

Impaired driving is 100% preventable. If you got arrested for this type of crime, then expect some pretty hefty consequences. The good news is that you can often seek treatment if it’s your first offense.

In 2021, technology can get used to prevent impaired driving. Ignition interlock devices are a great option! Let’s all do our best to prevent drunk driving and save lives this year.

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