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Why You Need a Best Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Every year hundreds of claims for slip and fall related accidents are received in Atlanta. However most of these claims are simply the result of a few unfortunate incidents rather than being caused as a result of carelessness. This can be very frustrating for any claimant as it is not always possible to show that the accident was a result of carelessness, as often it is the other way around.

Best Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

  • The first step in an accident and slip lawyer’s strategy is to collect all the relevant medical reports relating to the accident. These will usually form a large part of the case and need to be collected by the firm representing the claimant within a day of the accident. The medical reports often need to be compared with the initial incident report given to the employee at the time of the accident. This is essential as there can often be substantial changes to the initial injury account which need to be recorded on the medical records. These changes may well mean that the amount claimed for slip and fall compensation becomes higher than the original claim.
  • Next the accident and slip lawyer needs to establish that the accident was a direct result of negligence on the part of the employer. It is always very important that any worker who has been injured in an accident reports negligence to their employer as soon as possible as it can make a huge difference to their future. There are many different circumstances from which an employee can choose to report their accident. For example, if a claimant is injured while playing tennis or golf they are able to report their claim to the company which organises the sport for them.
  • Some people may prefer to report their accident to an injury specialist solicitor. This is usually because they have a lot more experience in such claims and will be better placed to understand the process and advice which can help their claim to succeed. Their legal expertise will mean that they are better placed to decide if the compensation claim they make should have benefits offset against any financial losses suffered by the employer.
  • Once the initial reports have been made, the next step is to put together a strong case. This involves going through every detail with a view to providing sufficient evidence to support your claim. One of the best slip and fall lawyers will have access to medical reports, which may well be crucial. This evidence can often be used by the defendant to disprove any claims for pain and suffering which may be brought against them. Again having access to this kind of evidence can help the best slip and fall lawyer to win your case.


A good slip and fall injury assistance lawyer will be able to deal with any accident which could leave you unable to work. This could happen because you sustain an injury at work which leaves you unable to continue your employment. It could also be because you suffer an injury in a building site which causes you to miss work for a long period of time or ruins your chances of working at all.

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