Truck Accident

What Mistakes Should I Avoid After My Truck Accident?

After getting hurt in a truck accident, you may be hurt, scared or confused. Thus, you may make certain mistakes that can hinder you from getting fair recovery, even if the crash was not your fault. However, if you know these potential errors, you may avoid them and protect your legal rights to file a lawsuit against the liable party and get fair compensation. There are several potential mistakes to avoid after a truck accident to closely keep in mind.

Leaving the crash site without talking to police

You should not exit the scene without communicating with the police because not only is it a crime, but it will also hinder you from getting a police report that can act as evidence to strengthen your case.

Failing to collect information

You should collect all the relevant information about the crash such as notes on the damage the car has sustained. Moreover, you should take pictures and videos of the damaged vehicles, your injuries, road conditions and any weather-related issues if you are in a position to do so.

Not exchanging information with other drivers and witnesses

You should take personal contact information from witnesses and the other drivers involved in the crash. Contact details such as their email addresses and phone numbers will enable your lawyer to reach out to them for any testimonies if necessary.

Failing to get a medical check-up from the hospital

If you have minor injuries, you may be tempted to ignore them. However, this is a bad idea because they can cause major symptoms later on. It is important to get medical attention to discover internal injuries, get treated for your minor injuries and document your treatment.

Failing to track all expenses

When you don’t track all the expenses related to the incident, it may prevent you from being reimbursed for expenses such as vehicle repairs and other miscellaneous expenses. You should have records of your medical expenses, medical equipment used after the collision, any vehicle repair receipts and other damages.

Agreeing to a quick settlement

You may be fuelled by the fear of the mounting bills of damages and may be tempted to take the first offer you are offered. However, you should not accept any offer from insurance companies without consulting with your lawyer first. This is because insurance companies often take advantage of inexperienced drivers by offering very low settlements that cannot cover all your current and future expenses.

Failing to file a claim on time

In many states, the statute of limitations is usually 2 or three years from the date of the collision. It may look like it’s very long but when you are recovering from the injuries you sustained in the incident, you can easily miss the deadline. Therefore, you should contact an attorney to help you file the claim and pursue your compensation before the legal deadline is up.


After a collision, you should talk to the police, collect information, get medical attention, file a claim on time and track all the accident-related expenses. It is also not advisable to discuss the crash with other people apart from your lawyer because your words may be misconstrued and used against you later.

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