PetChatz HD With Paw Call

The new HD edition of PetChatz includes two fun additions. Pet Chatz Hip Hops and PetChatz HD for Paws is available now and features some of the best options in pet collars and interactive fun. Both dogs can have their own unique dance to go along with their hip hop voice. They can use their Paws and their Collar to perform some sexy tricks, including twirling in the air while wearing their PetChatz HD costumes.

Two high-quality cameras, one for video and one for audio, are included.

This gives you the best in digital and audio recording. You can start your pet’s recording by simply connecting it to your computer. They will love the way they can click and jump and even make funny faces. Once your dog is dancing, you can record him or her in high definition and watch them both of course. Both costumes are available in black at the moment, but they will also be available in other colours once more colours become available.

The interactive nature of the Petchatz Hd with Paw Call is boundless.

When the animal calls, you can pet it, touch it, pet it again… and then pet it some more! This is a great way to develop bonding with your pet and learn more about them.

To start off the recording, you simply put on the headphones and select one of the fun voices or animal sounds.

Then your dog or cat will begin to wiggle its way to that spot on the collar. The animal movements are captured by two high quality cameras, so you can watch them as they do their thing. To change the voices or animal sounds, you simply remove the headphones.

Some of the voices used in the Petchatz Hd with Paw Call are a bit coy. Some are more like mimicking an actual dog’s deep, booming barks.

Others are far more excited and hyper, almost like a cat. It’s great fun trying to capture these unique voices and sounds of the animals. As your canine does the sexy paw walking, jumping, and dancing routines, it’s a thrill to watch him or her do it for real.

One of the fun things you will hear in the video is the excited wags of the tail.

It might not sound exciting at first, but after hearing your furry friend to do it for real, it becomes something else. It becomes cute, amusing, and definitely something you want to share with friends and family. You can see their expressions and even know that they are having the greatest time of their lives. They are having so much fun that they want you to record it so they can watch it again and repeat the adorable dance steps.

PetChatz HD with Paw Call comes in two different options. One is the “Paw Party”, which is an awesome costume with two different dancing paws. The other is the classic Pet Chatz Halloween costume, complete with the red paws and the dancing wag. If you purchase the HD version of this product, you will also receive a Paw Collar. This collar is used as a training tool, to teach your animal how to jump into action when they hear the sexy paw sounds of the animal costume.

So, you now know what you get when you buy PetChatz HD with Paw Call. It’s a fun and entertaining product for any animal enthusiast. Enjoy watching them jump around and have fun with this product, your furry friend. Plus, if your animal calls, you can even call them back. Imagine that! It’s truly the best way to keep your best friend company when you are not home!

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