How to Choose Drew Peterson Attorneys

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you may have considered hiring the services of a reputable law firm. However, you may not be sure about the qualifications of these attorneys. To help you choose the best option, here are some key tips. Read on to learn about the best attorneys in this area. You might also be interested in reading about the lawyers of Drew Peterson. They’ve been serving the community for many years.

Steven A. Greenberg

The case of a man accused of murder has drawn attention from both sides. Brodsky and Greenberg both represent clients accused of homicide. The two have a long history of legal tussles and Greenberg, who is on the losing side of Brodsky’s murder trial, is accused of botching the case. Both attorneys have denied that they tried to persuade Brodsky to kill himself.

Brodsky has blasted Greenberg’s statement, which he made after sparring publicly with the defense attorney. The judge slapped the bench as a result. Brodsky and Greenberg have sparred publicly since the trial in 2012. On Tuesday, both sides urged the judge to proceed with sentencing Peterson. The Peterson family, which watched the trial in 2012, believes Peterson will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Darryl Goldberg

The law firm of Darryl Goldberg, Drew Peterson, and Edward Brodsky is currently appealing the defendant’s conviction of first-degree murder. In October 2007, Peterson’s wife Stacy vanished while at a visitation in California. Kathleen’s body was exhumed and examined by two pathologists. The results concluded that Kathleen’s death was a homicide. In the trial, Drew Peterson’s defense attorneys contend that the trial judge made a per se conflict of interest and that the defendant’s trial attorney was denied effective assistance of counsel.

George D. Lenard

Lawyers Andrew Abood and George D. Lenard have withdrawn from the case. Brodsky & Odeh was also involved in the case. However, the other three attorneys remained on the case, including Joseph Lopez. Peterson is currently being held on a $20 million bond in Will County. The defense is expected to file a motion to dismiss the charges against Peterson.

Both lawyers have argued that the case was not a homicide, but was a wrongful death. The autopsy findings were inconclusive and did not show a motive for the murder. But the defense has pointed to various factors that can diminish the evidence. For example, fingernail clippings are a potential source of DNA from crime scenes. The death of Savio can be ruled a wrongful death case.

The investigation found that Drew Peterson wanted to use Morphey’s name in a storage unit. He also wanted to frame one of Stacy’s lovers, leaving his car in Shorewood with his keys in the ashtray. The motive was to lure the police to Shorewood where the murder was committed. In addition, he wanted to leave Stacy’s home and custody of their children.

Kim Matuska

The Peterson family has hired a Chicago-based law firm, Kim Matuska, Drew, and Andrew Peterson, to defend the police officer accused of murdering Stacy. The Petersons will be represented by Kim Matuska, a former Special Prosecutor who was fired from the Bolingbrook police department in 1985. They will also be represented by Erich Muller, a former radio personality who was subpoenaed to testify during the January 2010 hearsay hearing. Erich Muller also represents the Peterson sons and will be representing them as witnesses.

In November 2007, Andrew P. Abood joined the Peterson legal team. He was the first to testify before the Grand Jury but later withdrew due to irreconcilable differences with co-counsel Joel Brodsky. Kim Matuska and Drew Peterson’s son Stephen Peterson are related, and both are 77 years old. They are married to the same mother, Betty Peterson. In November 2007, Stacy Peterson was engaged to a woman named Kyle Piry. Their sons, Tom and Stacy, also testified in the case.

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