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Divorce in Columbus: Approaching The Process

It is no secret that divorces can be expensive. The cost of a divorce in Columbus can run high; however, if you have children it is even worse. Many people are unable to pay high divorce fees or alimony payments because of economic circumstances. If you and your spouse are getting divorced, it is important that you take advantage of the services that are available in the City of Columbus.

Divorce in Columbus

  • The collaborative divorce process in Columbus offers a highly structured method which is designed to help both ex-spouses to minimize legal fees and unnecessary arguments, while also providing the divorcing couples with the information necessary to work through long-term issues of principal disagreement. Through this process, both parties are provided with a neutral party that is willing to mediate the case in an effort to arrive at a fair agreement about the division of assets, liabilities, and child custody. The collaborative divorce allows both spouses to make reasonable sacrifices in order to come to an amicable conclusion. This process not only ensures that children will receive a fair settlement in the divorce, but it also provides the ex-spouses with a chance to better understand the importance of maintaining their current lifestyle choices.
  • In the event of a divorce in Columbus, one of the most important items that must be divided is any financial assets that your spouse has access to. Once the assets are split between the two partners, they will then have to divide the remaining amount amongst their respective children or other dependents. It may seem ideal for both spouses to get most of their assets, but this is often not the case. The creditors will look at the value of each individual’s assets and use this comparative value in order to decide how to divide up the money. This is why it is crucial to have an attorney on your side during this time so that you have someone who is experienced in these types of negotiations.
  • Another aspect of divorce law that can make things difficult for you is asset partition. If there are certain assets that your spouse does not have access too, your Columbus divorce attorney may be able to help you obtain such funds from the court. He or she will be able to petition the court to allow you to maintain ownership of certain assets. In many cases, this type of legal action can help you obtain the funding that you need to ensure that your family remains afloat during a period of time when your income may be minimal. Your Columbus divorce attorney will know whether or not such action would be beneficial to you.
  • Once the settlement has been reached, you will then need to determine who will have custody of your children. In some cases, the judge will award joint legal custody to one parent. In others, the judge may opt for sole custody. In the event of a divorce in Columbus, if you are seeking sole custody of your children, it is important that you let your spouse know this in advance. If you do not tell your spouse that you want custody of your children, he or she may believe that you are satisfied with a joint custody arrangement. In the event that you inform your spouse that you want to retain sole custody of the children, your spouse may be forced to seek out a Columbus lawyer to help him or her obtain visitation rights with the children.


I live in another state and needed help with my divorce in Columbus. After reading reviews on a few sites, I chose Lawrence Law Office. During the divorce, you will also need to determine what possessions you will retain and what you will give up. In the case of a Columbus Divorce, your spouse will likely be required to give up any jointly held assets, along with anything that is personally owned. You will also need to determine what belongings you will retain. In some cases, this involves selling any valuables that you may have, in order to pay down debts and remain debt-free. Your Columbus Divorce Attorney can explain which property settlement options are offered to you, should you choose to pursue them.

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