Ashley Furniture Class Action Lawsuit.

Class Action Lawsuit Details Ashley Furniture Inc.

On February 21, a class action lawsuit was filed against Ashley furniture store, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Plaintiff Daniel Wolf claims that he bought a bedroom set at an Ashley Furniture shop in North Brunswick, N.J. on February 20, before the lawsuit was filed. He told the salesperson that he wanted the bedroom set by March 1, without telling him that he planned to remodel the room. According to the Ashley Furniture class action lawsuit, Wolf suffered an injury when the piece of furniture fell from its center post on the night of March 3.

In addition to being injured while placing the bedroom set on the ground, Wolf is also alleged to have become “berserk” to see the dent in the bedroom’s upholstery.

According to the class action lawsuit, Ashley Furniture “promptly and systematically” inspected the piece of furniture, making sure that it was fixable, and yet, still found that it posed a danger to anyone who might step on it. This, according to the complaint, is evidence that Ashley Furniture knew about the defective piece of upholstery long before it sold it to Wolf. It is also evidence that Ashley Furniture knew about the dangers of a defective piece of upholstery, yet did nothing to correct the situation.

After filing the lawsuit, Wolf went through the process of supplying his personal identification information to Ashley Furniture.

He claimed that he was given instructions as to how to fill out the “Contact Us” page that accompanied the “Class Action Lawsuit” sheet. In the “Contact Us” page, he included his physical address, phone number, social security number, birth date, and weight. When asked why he would need this information, Wolf said that it was necessary for him to “informally” sign up with Ashley Furniture as a representative. Unfortunately, he never received any such instructions.

On March 8, a federal judge in San Francisco approved a class-action lawsuit against Ashley Furniture LLC. The plaintiff in this case, identified as Individual A, brought the class-action lawsuit because he was injured while on an upholstery cleaning job.

According to the complaint, Individual A suffered a laceration to his leg while working at Ashley’s premises. In addition to lacerating his leg, he was also bitten by one of the Ashley’s cleaning dogs. While attempting to sue Ashley Furniture on the basis of these injuries, Individual A became the plaintiff’s chief complaint.

The Class Action Lawsuit further alleged that Ashley Furniture failed to ship any of its upholstery cleaning products to Individual A’s home or place of employment on the delivery date that was originally stated in the company’s sales agreement.

The sale agreement provided that Ashley Furniture was to deliver “top class furniture cleaning and repair products” only to the residence of its “authorized customer,” and that if the customer wasn’t an “authorized customer” of Ashley Furniture then Ashley Furniture was not obligated to make the deliveries. The Class Action Lawsuit further alleged that Ashley Furniture misrepresented to its consumers that its “top class furniture cleaning and repair products” were only to be delivered to the residence of its “authorized customer,” when in actuality, the company distributed the cleaning products to any place where it could sell them. The Class Action Lawsuit further claimed that Ashley Furniture knew that it violated the Shipping Practices Act by failing to comply with shipping requirements under the act, yet continued to blatantly violate shipping regulations by shipping its products to “unauthorized” places.

The Class Action Lawsuit also alleged that Ashley Furniture did not provide adequate personal identification information to its customers prior to selling the furniture cleaning and repair items to them.

Class Action Lawsuits often includes proof of failure by companies like Ashley Furniture to provide adequate personal identification information to its customers, which can result in a denial of due benefits if a case goes to court. This information generally includes the social security number of the customer, their date of birth, a full name, and their address. As previously stated, Ashley Furniture’s business was sued in a Class Action Lawsuit by an individual who purchased one of its “chairs” from the retailer, which contained a stain. The stain reportedly caused the legs of the chair to swell, which caused the individual to become disabled.

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