What Are Schlumberger Lawsuits?

Schlumberger is one of the most popular brand names in recreational oil drilling and has been suing their competitors for years in an effort to protect their market share. In fact, it has become such a problem that the Federal Trade Commission is looking into whether the company is in violation of the anti-trust laws. It is very easy to understand why they have been so successful suing their competition. When a well driller drags up a hole and damages the property of an innocent third party, the result is an enormous financial loss. And, for every dollar they have lost in settlements and back taxes they have lost fifty dollars in dividends.

The other problem that makes these lawsuits so popular with the Schlumberger Company is that they are very efficient at winning the lawsuits and receiving their money without actually having to do any drilling at all.

There are a few different reasons why this works. One of them is that they don’t really use their property like the average well driller does and therefore, don’t really harm property. In addition, they also do not place their rigs on the land where they are meant to be. With these two differences in the way that a well driller operates, they are able to argue that they are not doing any damage to the land and thus, should not be held liable for damages.

Another reason why they are able to win against their competitors is that they have access to a lot of inside information about what their competition is doing and they know how to beat them at their own game.

This is because the industry is generally very secretive about the types of chemicals that are being used on oil wells. It’s also pretty simple for a skilled oil hand to devise a workable formula for defeating any oil drilling contractor.

There have been numerous reports of injuries caused by the operation of drilling equipment, but the main reason why it causes these problems is because the operators either fail to use the correct safety equipment or they operate the equipment in an unsafe manner.

The result is always death or severe injuries. It’s pretty hard to beat Schlumberger when it comes to lawsuits, but who can beat them when they have access to top-of-the-line equipment that is designed to prevent oil drilling problems?

In addition to the equipment that they use, there is also the training that they receive.

They are required to undergo extensive training courses before becoming employees. This training is supposed to help prevent accidents from occurring on the job. If an accident occurs, then they are going to be held responsible no matter how minor the incident was. These lawsuits are usually won by the plaintiff’s lawyers, so the equipment and training are absolutely critical parts of the argument presented to the jury.

Overall, if you happen to be an operator on a drilling rig, you are going to come into contact with Schlumberger lawsuits time again.

You’re simply going to have to put up with the injuries and the equipment problems that come with it. In addition, the drilling companies themselves are pretty expensive because they need to pay for the upkeep on their rigs. So, while there might not be a direct monetary motivation behind each lawsuit, it’s still worth remembering that they are occurring. And while it may be true that they are out there for the thrill of the chase, the injuries that you can suffer as a result of not being adequately trained and working with the wrong type of equipment could make a huge difference in the amount of money that you actually end up paying in a settlement.

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