Warfarin Lawsuits: As an Overview

Damaging Birth Defects Are a Nuisance

One of the most common types of lawsuits filed by Mothers in U.S.A pertains to the effects of birth defects on their children, which are often caused by a woman taking warfarin during pregnancy. Warfarin is an anti-seizure medication that can be administered to pregnant women for several weeks before giving birth. The medication is generally prescribed by doctors to prevent the possibility of too much water getting into the lungs of the fetus. Although it is generally considered safe, there have been reports of its side effects, such as the development of birth defects in the fetus. As a result of these reports and because of the concerns over warfarin’s effects on the fetus, warfarin lawsuits have proliferated in recent years.

Teratogenic or unborn defects can occur in both the male and female species.

In the case of teratogens lawsuits, these lawsuits are filed by mothers who claim that they were harmed by a company’s use of certain chemicals during the development of the fetus. Typically, these chemicals are known to have endocrine-disrupting properties that can have negative effects on the development of the fetus. When these chemicals interfere with the normal function of the hormones of the body, these hormones can cause birth defects in both genders of the species.

Some of the more common ingredients in these chemical companies’ formulas have been linked to a number of birth defects, including cleft palates and mental retardation.

It is important to note that not all the chemicals commonly used in these formulas pose a risk to the fetus. There are a number of natural compounds that have been proven to greatly reduce the risk of birth defects, such as Lecithin, B-complex vitamins and Vitamin E. Studies have shown that these compounds significantly reduce the incidence of cleft palates and other defects of the intestinal tract, which are often caused by exposure to toxins during the development of the fetus. Moreover, vitamin E has been known to alleviate symptoms associated with burn injuries, such as the common staph infection.

Another member of the group of chemical companies responsible for causing zofran teratogen lawsuits are the manufacturers of OxyContin.

The ingredient oxycodone is known to cause severe birth defects in unborn children, including premature delivery. This is largely due to the manner in which the drug is consumed, especially when it is abused by pregnant women. For this reason, millions of women use OxyContin as a method of pain management during pregnancy, and it is very likely that any woman that consumes oxycodone while pregnant will suffer from the consequences of their actions.

A number of ingredients commonly found in over the counter medications can also lead to zofran teratogen lawsuits.

For example, it is quite likely that diet pills such as Acai Berry act as a potent source of calories for pregnant women who require additional nourishment. However, diet pills containing the ingredient conjugated linoleic acid (CBE) can also act as a serious birth defect generator. These products are not only made with diet supplements, but they contain large amounts of ethane and methane, which act to increase the rate of sperm formation within the body.

Any type of birth defect can be devastating to a developing fetus and can even result in death.

Birth defects brought on by teratogen exposure must be properly detected and addressed in order to ensure the continued health of both the baby and the fetus. A lawyer that specializes in filing lawsuits on behalf of families who have been exposed to high levels of these chemicals through a negligenceful pharmaceutical is best suited for this job. These lawyers will have the expertise and knowledge of how to properly file a case in the appropriate court and will also know how to deal with the courts in cases where the defendant has refused to make reasonable offers to compensate victims of their negligence.

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