Top Advantages of Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

If someone suffers some type of harm or loss, physical, financial or otherwise, at the hands of a company or an individual, that person could be legally entitled to some form of compensation. However, if the thought of tackling litigation alone seems daunting, your lawyer may recommend joining a class action lawsuit rather than pursuing legal action individually.

When many people have suffered similar loss or injuries from the same group or individual, they can get together as a group to sue at the same time. This is referred to as a class action lawsuit. There are many advantages to joining this type of suit.

Save on Legal Fees

Hiring an attorney isn’t cheap. In fact, it could cost thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees just to handle the case for each person involved. On the other hand, when potentially hundreds or thousands of individuals join in a class action lawsuit, this cost is split up equally between the plaintiffs, making the cost much lower.

Additionally, attorney fees may not be required unless the case has a successful outcome. In most cases, lawyer’s fees are taken out once the settlement has been reached, so nobody has to pay any out-of-pocket expenses up front.

Seek Justice

Those who don’t have the financial means to seek legal compensation on their own have a better chance of gaining justice for the negligence of a company or individual. Even if the settlement amount that each person receives is small, at least the negligent party was found guilty and made to pay.

Someone might avoid litigation if going it alone because the payout could be substantially less than the cost of retaining an attorney. When joining a class action suit, they can seek justice without financial risk.

Provide Publicity

People can make a difference when they gather together in large numbers. A class action lawsuit provides similarly affected persons the opportunity to make their cause known to the public. Many of these types of cases actually make the news or become commercials to bring awareness and to gather more plaintiffs for the case.

Receive Similar Recovery

If each person were to pursue litigation on their own, the monetary compensation could vary greatly due to varying evidence, different judges and even the way each lawyer handles their cases. One person may receive tens of thousands of dollars while a similarly affected individual might only get a few hundred.

With a class action lawsuit, the awarded settlement is divided up equally between each member.

Enjoy Power in Numbers

If only a few people were to pursue litigation for the negligence of a company or individual, especially if they were to do so separately, the judges involved may not see this as a major issue. However, when hundreds or thousands of people experience similar issues and join together in a class action lawsuit, this shows more proof that there’s a legitimate issue that must be addressed.

In these cases, the judge is more likely to look favorably on the plaintiffs and offer a settlement, potentially a larger one at that.

Avoid a Lengthy Court Battle

When a large group of people files a class action lawsuit, the negligent party may not want to deal with the expensive litigation of a drawn-out trial. Such a large group of people working together against a company or individual is more likely to prove that the defendant is in the wrong.

In this case, the defendant might be more willing to settle out of court to save time and money, allowing the plaintiffs to get the settlement in a more timely manner.

Receive a Faster Settlement

If each individual pursued justice independently, it could take years for the courts to have time to hear every single case. In the case of a class action lawsuit, there is one joint case for the court to hear, making the entire process much quicker.

Opportunity to Get Paid

Because a class action lawsuit stands a better chance of winning over separate trials, some type of settlement is typically reached. Additionally, the plaintiffs are more likely to actually receive their share of the settlement rather than having to drag the defendant to court if the company or individual tries to drag their feet in paying out the settlement.

Also, it’s important to note that many plaintiffs run the risk of no financial settlement if they go to trial independently. The first cases to be heard will be awarded settlements. After some time, the company or individual may go bankrupt or have some other insolvency where any additional plaintiffs won’t be able to receive a settlement at all.

Access Professional Legal Representation

When many people join together in a class action lawsuit, an attorney is already assigned to represent the case. Each individual has access to this representation without having to worry about finding a separate lawyer or represent themselves. The cost becomes minimal when divided between hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs.

Appreciate Experienced Representation

Lawyers who work with class action lawsuits have much more to worry about than those who complete individual suits. This means that those involved in the joint suit are sure to get an attorney with extensive experience to represent their cause.

When Not to Join a Class Action Lawsuit

While joining a class action lawsuit can be the best option to receive a financial settlement, there might be cases in which this isn’t the best option. For example, if an individual suffered much more extensive damages than the majority of plaintiffs, this case might be much better represented individually.

Also, if the circumstances involved in an individual’s case are substantially different than most of the others involved, it might be better for the judge to hear the independent facts rather than being lumped into a class action lawsuit.

If you’d like to learn more about whether joining a class action lawsuit is the best decision in your specific case, it’s best to discuss these matters with your lawyer who can steer you in the right direction.

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