The Pinnacle Hospital Crownpoint Lawsuit

In an article published on PR Web, James O’Brien, a Washington, D.C. lawyer and expert in cases dealing with medical malpractice, details the landmark hospital’s response to a complaint brought by its resident’s of the nursing home. This article details the lawsuit, and its potential for abuse by its defendant. To avoid abuse of this nature from happening to other residents at this or any nursing home please see my resource box.

The plaintiff’s case was brought by a resident, identified as “plates”, who was severely burned in a fall.

The attorney stated that the hospital and defendants in this case had a duty to make reasonable accommodations for the plaintiff that would have protected him from falling and sustaining such injuries. The case was assigned to an experienced legal firm with a reputation for bringing fair and ethical cases, and this lawsuit epitomizes the quality that legal firms in the District of Columbia are known for.

During the discovery phase of the lawsuit, the hospital denied liability and did not admit to any wrongdoing.

It also resisted allowing the attorneys to discuss a settlement. At one point, it appears that the hospital may have counseled the defendant to minimize the expense of the case. There were indications of possible mischaracterization of facts by the defendants, and the attorney retained a new investigator to look into all matters related to the case.

There were many surprises throughout the investigation that ultimately resolved the claim.

For example, there was evidence that one of the defendants may have tried to hide the fact that they were responsible for a resident having an accident which required a large amount of care in the emergency room. Despite denials of liability, and the resistance to a settlement, the attorney was able to introduce evidence which showed that the resident died as the direct result of negligence on the part of the physician and/or nurses. The jury awarded a verdict of $1.75 million to the plaintiff. This is an enormous verdict which could have major financial consequences for both sides.

The hospital and physicians have hired a legal team to fight the case.

One of the main points of contention is whether or not the trial court erred in its assessment of liability. This is particularly important in the wake of recent medical negligence cases in which the lawyers of the defendants were found to have withheld evidence and engaged in tactics designed to confuse the jury. For this reason, many people believe the case should be retried. If this does occur, the doctors will again be under fire to explain their actions and the case could come back to a different venue with a different judge and jury.

The future of the case, however, appears bleak.

A motion to dismiss was submitted to the court by the attorneys representing the defendants. In the motion, they claim that the original complaint was facile and therefore should not have been allowed to proceed. The case will return to a different court and will likely be lost once again. Many people are looking for other means to pursue justice in this case.

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