Target Class Action Lawsuit

Update: The Target Data Breach MDL has been approved by the US Federal District Court. The plaintiffs have been assigned a trial date of June 5th, with jury selection to take place in the fall of the year. Update: An Illinois federal district court has issued a proposed order that would require the plaintiffs to complete the targeted class action lawsuit in order to receive any compensation.

Update: On March 4th, the Target Data breach MDL was approved by the US Federal District Court. Target’s attorney had argued that the lawsuit should not be initiated until the date of the hack – as that date is one year after the hack occurred. The court rejected this argument and instructed the plaintiffs to file the lawsuit within a specific time frame, namely “at the time of discovery or prior to the settlement date”.

Update: Class Action lawsuits against companies who were involved in the Target breach have been filed all over the country. The suit claims that the company knew about the hack at the same time it was conducting its own internal investigation of its system, so it is clear that they had a duty to inform their customers of the hack. In other words, Target failed to protect their customers and caused them unnecessary financial harm, and their negligence has allowed hackers to break into Target’s systems.

Update: The Class Action lawsuits are still being developed, but so far only two companies (Quest Logics, Inc. and CSC Corporation) have been accused of liability in the class action suits. They have yet to admit liability. We’ll have to wait until more details emerge before we can assess whether or not these corporations will face any legal action. The companies are also under fire for their handling of customer credit card information.

Update: While the class action lawsuits have been going on, Target has released an additional statement stating that it is conducting its own investigation. The company is investigating whether the hack could have resulted from a defect in the Target software that allowed users to access credit card information from the company’s systems without authorization. This is not the first time Target has faced such a complaint; it is also being investigated for data theft which resulted in customers’ credit card data being stolen and sold on the open market.

Update: Class Action lawsuits involving the alleged data theft and breach in the Target data are still being developed. It’s still unclear whether or not this lawsuit will result in compensation from the companies responsible for the breach, or if this lawsuit will lead to lawsuits against the customers themselves who may have been affected by the hack. In either case, it will not likely lead to increased customer protection and security for consumers.

Update: There are several class action lawsuits involving the hacked email accounts that were affected. Class Action attorneys working with the Target Data breach suit claim that this breached the trust between clients and employees, which could have led to many customers having their emails hacked and used by scammers or cyber-criminals. This breach resulted in a lot of customers losing their emails and compromising the privacy of those who were using them.

Update: Class Action lawsuits like this one are often used by plaintiffs as a way to demand money damages in cases where corporations have failed to provide adequate security. Class Action lawsuits are not uncommon for cases in which there has been a breach in contract, breach of warranty, or breach of fiduciary responsibility. Many other instances of class actions have also resulted in settlements; most notably the asbestos litigation of the 1970s.

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