Strange Lawsuits: As an Overview

A Restraining Order Against Microsoft Leads to a Lawsuit

What can you say about strange lawsuits? If you have been involved in personal injury litigation or arbitration, you know just how scary these suits can be. They can take months to settle, and they can be very expensive. They can take a lot of time out of your life, and drain your bank account. In my case, I’ve seen strange lawsuits caused by doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals that refused to use their proper equipment, and did not take the time to thoroughly discuss their cases with their legal assistants prior to filing. One doctor sued two prominent personal trainers for $52k; another doctor was hit with a $6 million suit from a horse riding competition over a botched horseback ride.

A lawsuit frivolous claim is one that simply makes nonsense out of the entire personal injury lawsuit process.

Here’s a list of just a few strange lawsuits that have been filed against reputable companies: a guy who won a lawsuit against a company that manufactured a car seat, a woman who won a lawsuit against a car dealership over a seat that were improperly designed, a guy who won a lawsuit against a dog yapping habitsist for annoying neighbors, and asbestos claims specialist who lost a case brought against an asbestos firm. Now some of these suits are truly bizarre, and others were obviously cooked up by one too many lawyers or one too many firms. However, a vast majority of the strange lawsuits filed are valid. Here’s what to look for when investigating strange lawsuits:

The plaintiff’s lawyer has a very strange complaint, and/or he or she does not have much of a case.

It’s not uncommon for plaintiffs in automobile accidents to sue fast food restaurants for injuries they received in the accident, even if the restaurant has a very generous policy for such claims. But it seems strange that the same car dealership that was sued over the seat won’t settle the fast food restaurant’s own lawsuits for similar claims. Likewise, it’s not strange that the same asbestos claims company won’t settle the car dealership’s claim over a seat cover that was improperly installed in cars. These kinds of lawsuits have one thing in common: the people filing them are obviously out to get money.

The strange lawsuit that started this week involves a man who was arrested on suspicion of killing his wife and another woman during a wild party the night before.

A neighbor who saw the party called the police, and the two were arrested for strangling the woman. After the suspect appeared in court, his attorney said he didn’t kill the women and would give the police more information about the night’s festivities if they will allow him to talk to them. The court obliged, and the attorney released the names of the parties involved: Keith Coleman, and Jessica Coleman. This turned out to be a big problem for Jessica Coleman, since her real name is also the same as the name of her son, who lives with her in Florida.

Strange lawsuits are nothing new.

Many such cases have been before the U.S. courts and there are many more pending before the courts. However, the latest one involves a Microsoft employee who was fired from his job after posting an online comment about a game he played. Microsoft maintains that the man was fired for breaching the company’s anti-harassment policy, which according to Microsoft, states, “A mere threat of harassment or of use of obscene language or violence is not protected by the policy.” So what does this mean for Microsoft? It means that if you threaten someone or try to get people to attack you (through words or through actions) in a way that could cause serious problems for the person doing the threatening act, you might just be firing off your chances of getting any meaningful employment at Microsoft.

There are many ways in which a person can get a restraining order or a lawsuit against someone who’s acting in a way that you think is harmful.

You can also hire an attorney who specializes in these sorts of lawsuits to help you. The bottom line is that if you feel your civil rights have been violated, it’s probably best to get an attorney to help you fight back. If a company or someone you work for is acting in a way that you think is threatening, you can definitely take legal action. For more information on strange lawsuits like this one from the Georgia Bar Association, click here.

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