Siding Class Action Lawsuits

A number of Class Action lawsuits have been filed against a number of companies for a wide range of products. This includes things such as home and car roofs. Most of these lawsuits have been class action settlements and Allura Roofing has been one of the main participants in these lawsuits.

Allura Roofing manufactured their fiber cement siding using chemicals that could be toxic to some extent. Allura’s manufacturing plants were eventually seized by the Federal government and the siding was taken off the market. It had not however been totally removed however, as many manufacturers continued to produce fiber-cement siding. The lawsuit was brought on behalf of people who purchased this type of siding and are now suing the manufacturer. This lawsuit has been ongoing since 1999.

The siding manufacturers were accused of ignoring their own warnings about the dangers of using these chemicals. Some of them have been sued by families who had to move away after contracting a range of diseases from the siding. These diseases include cancer and respiratory illnesses. Some of these lawsuits have resulted in massive settlements in the tens of millions of dollars. The majority of these settlements have been reached through Class Action lawsuits.

Other manufacturers of siding such as Allura have been accused of not acting quickly enough when problems arose. In many cases people have reported having to live in these homes for years or even decades. Some of these lawsuits have resulted in large amounts of money being awarded to victims of these companies. The settlements in many of these lawsuits have been well into the millions of dollars.

Allura has since settled its own lawsuits involving these lawsuits. They have admitted that some of their products were indeed dangerous and have been paying out settlements to those who were forced to leave their homes due to these health risks. It is unclear whether Allura will face lawsuits relating to these types of products again. in the future.

Case studies have been done which show the impact of these lawsuits on people. Many have lost their homes due to the siding they were installing and were left with nothing but memories of the ordeal. These people are now going forward in the lawsuits to get justice for what happened to them.

People who have suffered because of these Class Action lawsuits are not necessarily the innocent victims they might have you believe. in many instances there are other people who were also involved in the project who should have been held responsible for their actions.

Allura is no longer producing fiber cement siding, and other manufacturers have closed down and moved on from the industry because of these lawsuits. This has left many homeowners without a roof to put on their home.

When people receive lawsuit settlements from these manufacturers, it is often difficult to receive the amount that was paid out to those who had been affected. Some of these settlements cannot be received for a number of years. The compensation is often very low and can be very low compared to what these individuals would have gotten from a lawsuit in court. If you are involved in one of these cases you are entitled to much more than this.

Some of these settlements might have to do with personal injuries. These injuries might have been caused due to these manufacturing companies’ negligence or poor workmanship. Some people may be left without the roof that they need to stay in their home because of these accidents. If you are in this situation you are certainly not alone.

Settlement awards can help pay for home repairs, medical bills, and moving expenses. When a person loses his home due to the actions of the company who manufactured the siding that he was using you may be entitled to more than just the actual cost of the roof, he needs to replace. The payments may go toward the expenses associated with replacing the roof.

Getting this settlement in a lawsuit is a great first step in helping to regain your home and your financial stability. With a good attorney you can receive the full amount of your settlement.

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