SeaWorld Settles Seaworm Lawsuits

Seaworld Resorts and Entertainment Corp are one of the biggest theme parks in Orlando and has been sued many times by several people. There have even been a few Seaworld theme park lawsuits that have won in court. Some of these lawsuits were for safety violations, some were for breach of warranty and others were for false advertising. The people filing these lawsuits claim that Seaworld knowingly sells products that cause injury to their guests. Many of these injuries are severe enough to leave the plaintiff feeling like they have been wronged. One case in point involves a woman who was operating the Back to the Future Theme Park when she tripped and broke her leg on a slippery floor.

A man was also injured during one of the rides at the theme park.

A witness saw the man fall and suffered a broken leg after slipping on a moving roller coaster. These and other Seaworld lawsuits were won in court. However, this is just a small fraction of the problems the theme park has had.

When the original Six Flags theme park opened in Florida it was immediately hit with problems and complaints from people.

Among them was the owner, Bill Gephart. He hired thousands of illegal immigrants to work at his theme park. He later had to close the park down due to complaints from local authorities and the American public. Gephart then filed for bankruptcy and the theme park was shut down.

Other theme park owners have also faced lawsuits.

Seven died while on a water ride at California’s SeaWorld. Several lawsuits against this park were settled out of court. Another lawsuit against this theme park was settled out of court. One of the complainants in this case was a man who died while on a slide.

Many of the suits against this company are from people who became sick after eating its food or being on its rides.

Many of these people have since developed illnesses from eating at this facility. Some suits were from employees who felt sick after eating the food. Yet, some others have simply complained about the food or rides or even asked for a refund after experiencing poor service.

There is no guarantee that sea world will be able to recover from these lawsuits.

The lawsuits themselves can drag on for many months or even years. But the company may have already taken steps to make changes so as not to be sued. As of now, a SeaWorld lawsuit is just an idea.

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