Purina Lawsuits

How Purina Litigations Can Be Affected

The Purina lawsuits on the other hand can be compared to the Roald Dahl and even Mario Puzo book wherein the main character drinks coffee from a poisoned cup. However, it is very clear that the main character of this story is Mario Puzo as he drinks coffee from a poisoned coffee cup and ends up poisoning his employer’s warehouse in an attempt to poison the boss of the company. In the same story, Mario Puzo dies a horrible death after drinking from the same poisoned cup.

So if we look at these two examples, one can easily conclude that Purina Litigio and the Roald Dahl’s Catanium cannot be compared to the case of the above-mentioned book where there is a clear indication of correlation between the defendant’s and victim’s situation which can be proven by both the investigations and examinations conducted.

If the previous cases of the Purina litigios lawsuits are anything to go by then the defendant and his co-defendants are liable for the serious damages to the employers of both the companies involved. Even though the employer’s company was not directly involved in either the accident or the subsequent lawsuit, the company has still been greatly affected due to the huge financial outlay that was incurred.

So if we look at the case of the former employee who was suing for compensation for suffering, mental agony and lost wages, we find that the complaint filed against him was lodged because he was denied a promotion and was unfairly dismissed.

The employer of this employee had passed a point of safety, wherein all employees have to undergo mandatory training concerning the use and effects of chemicals that are harmful to health and safety. He was also required to undergo a health examination prior to being hired that would determine if he is a suitable candidate for the post. This, however, did not bother the employer as he was convinced that the employee had undergone the necessary pre-employment health examination and was still fit for the post.

Now let us look at the case of the second plaintiff who has been charged with negligence in the first incident.

He was charged with having caused undue damage to the company’s property because he used the defective product while on duty. According to the complaint, he never informed the company that the chemical he used to put him at risk of suffering from acute respiratory distress or any other injury that might have resulted in him losing his life. He was also charged with causing undue waste disposal which has resulted in environmental hazards to the environment and to the health of other employees working under his supervision.

As already mentioned previously, the complaint was filed against the defendant because he failed to have immediate action when it came to addressing the safety hazards created by his faulty product.

His negligence in this regard is said to have brought about the injuries and the deaths of many innocent people including two men who were working under the direction of Senior Foreman in the kitchen department of the warehouse where the faulty Anchella Anche juice machine was being operated. The deceased died as a result of suffocating inside the machine due to its faulty working conditions. He and another worker lost their lives as a result of inhaling fumes and droplets of hot water that was being sprayed by the faulty machine.

In view of the above, it is clear that liability cannot be ruled out based upon the case history presented by the defendant.

The company will most likely be found liable for the wrongful death of its employee Mr. dos Santos, in addition to the injury suffered by the second victim Mr. Jose Eribera. Based on the aforesaid circumstances, it is likely that the company will be held responsible for its conduct towards the workers and that it should have ensured that it properly operated its products in accordance to standard operating procedures. Hence, the company should have paid the appropriate compensation to the victims in the first place and not try to Dodge responsibility in this case as well as any other that comes up.

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