Progressive Insurance Lawsuits

Progressive Insurance Corporation is a very large company that is located in South Carolina. They offer many different types of insurance and service to their customers. If you need a quote on a policy you can get that from them and many times you can buy the insurance right there at the company’s place of business. There are some people who have sued Progressive over something and have won.

How does this work for their store? Yes, if you need to insure a car for business purposes they offer business auto insurance.

However, it’s important to note that a business auto insurance does not offer property damage or bodily injury coverage. If you are sued because your car is damaged then you need to get the proper coverage through Progressive. Business auto insurance is usually only good for vehicles that are being used for business.

The lawsuits may have nothing to do with the policies, but they come from the coverage.

You have to remember that the vast majority of Progressive Insurance lawsuits come from bodily injury cases. People who are riding in a moving vehicle that crashes may sue because the other driver was operating a vehicle while intoxicated. There were also lawsuits from a woman who was killed in a collision because the other driver didn’t yield when crossing a busy highway. These lawsuits may sound like common sense, but many people don’t follow that rule when it comes to getting compensation.

Progressive Insurance has had some very bad publicity over the years.

A California man who was riding in a car owned by Progressive was found dead in his driveway. The car had no working air conditioning and the inside of the car was filled with drugs and alcohol. This is due to a lawsuit that was filed against the company over a pedestrian accident.

In recent years, Progressive has made some changes to their policies. It seems that the advertising that was so aggressive several years ago has decreased.

Still, it can be difficult knowing exactly what your insurance policy entails. If you aren’t well versed in the insurance lingo, it could be easy to get hurt when you’re trying to understand your coverage. Luckily, there are many independent agents out there that can help you understand Progressive Insurance lawsuits.

It’s important that you get as much information about your policy as possible.

Having good knowledge about what your insurance covers and what you don’t will allow you to make better decisions. This knowledge will also allow you to recognize situations where you need to go to court or if there has been a violation of your coverage. It will allow you to feel confident in your investment, knowing that it will be protected.

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