Lawsuits Against Hospitals

The Importance of Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Due to the severe healthcare emergencies of recent months, hospitals and other medical facilities can now face expensive lawsuits against them. In one case, a nurses’ union in New York State recently filed lawsuits against Montefiore Medical Center in New York City and Westchester Medical Center in Connecticut because of their failure to provide adequate PPE to their employees. The lawsuits were later dropped, but not before the Union was able to obtain thousands of dollars in back payments from the hospitals. Another lawsuit was filed against St. John’s Northwestern University in Chicago last month. There are now lawsuits against dozens of medical facilities across the country. Hospitals have sought legal counsel from experienced law firms to prevent these lawsuits from mounting.

One type of lawsuits against a medical facility involve medical malpractice.

These lawsuits often involve inadequate care or surgical errors leading to death or injury of an individual. Other lawsuits may include breast cancer misdiagnosis, incorrect use of anesthesia or ineffective treatment for cerebral palsy and similar injuries. All these cases are often controversial, since most physicians find it difficult to contest a malpractice lawsuit. Only very rarely are lawsuits based on medical malpractice successfully won by medical facilities.

Personal injuries lawsuits also occur quite frequently.

Many times, individuals who sustain life-threatening injuries at the hands of another person cannot pursue legal action against the person who caused their injuries. The courts decide based on the extent of the patient’s injury and the extent of damage to the person’s finances. However, some lawsuits have been successful in forcing corporations to pay for the damages suffered by their employees and passengers in car accidents.

Another category of lawsuits occur when doctors perform surgery without properly training their staff.

Incidents of surgery mistakes occurring at hospitals have led to a number of lawsuits against hospitals. Incorrect procedures leading to excessive bleeding, infections and even death have led to massive lawsuits against hospitals. For example, if a surgeon mistakenly performs a heart transplant on a patient with cardiomyopathy, which is a heart condition related to insufficient muscle strength, the patient can be awarded a substantial amount of damages.

Other medical malpractice lawsuits occur when doctors fail to diagnose or treat illnesses correctly.

In such cases, doctors cause serious physical harm to their patients. This can include such common problems as chronic fatigue syndrome and diabetes. Even minor cases such as incorrect use of anesthesia can lead to serious complications. In addition, fraudulent doctors often lead to significant monetary losses for patients. A case in point is when a patient undergoes surgery only to find out that he has a sexually transmitted disease that was never diagnosed by his doctors.

Finding a good medical malpractice lawyer can be crucial to filing a successful lawsuit.

Although many lawyers specialize in medical malpractice cases, not all of them are experienced in handling these types of cases. It is important to locate a lawyer who can aggressively pursue the case. It can take years to successfully prove the negligence of a hospital, so a patient needs a knowledgeable lawyer who knows how to help them get the compensation they deserve.

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