Godiva Class Action Lawsuit Management

A class action lawsuit claims that Godiva class action complaints are falsely advertised as Swiss chocolate products even when they’re actually made in Reading, Pennsylvania. On Godiva labels, display stands, boxes, and advertisements, Austria 1926 is allegedly displayed prominently. On the Internet, there are photos of boxes of Godiva Chocolates prominently displayed, with labels reading “made in Reading”. Interestingly enough, “Adapter Kitchens” on the Internet page claims that these are “hand-tied”, implying that they were not made in the original country of the products. There is no information concerning the exact origin of Godiva products in Switzerland, but this information is freely available on the Internet and in numerous brochures and advertisements.

Class action lawsuits involving these types of products are often challenging for several reasons.

First, many people do not realize that such a lawsuit exists, and those who do realize that such suits have been filed, may not know how to proceed. Second, there is a significant likelihood of one or more plaintiffs deciding that they do not have sufficient grounds on which to bring their class action lawsuit. Third, a majority of plaintiffs who elect not to pursue a class action lawsuit do so for a variety of reasons, including concerns about the difficulty of obtaining approval from credit card companies and obtaining the assistance of an attorney. Many Class Action lawsuit participants believe that if they do file such lawsuits, they will not receive fair treatment by the defendant’s attorneys. Nevertheless, there are also many plaintiffs who have filed legitimate class action lawsuits, and have received a fair representation by the defendant’s attorneys.

One thing that the Class Action lawsuit participants can do to ensure favorable results in their lawsuit is to prepare a detailed catalog listing each of the products that they wish to target and attempt to compile a cohesive story of the product’s manufacturing, handling, marketing, distribution, and/or profits.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that the Godiva Company website does not provide an abundance of information regarding how their business was founded or what products they produce. Therefore, if a lawsuit participant wishes to adequately present his or her case to the judge and jury, he or she will need to employ the services of a reputable Class Action Lawyer.

There are two main class-action lawsuit management firms that are commonly referred to in the litigation industry.

(On a side note, many individuals believe that it is preferable not to use a large firm because it tends to breed an “us vs. them” mentality, which in turn tends to place too much emphasis on the “defendant” and his or her attorneys, rather than the “plaintiff.” Such a situation presents a risk of favoritism for the “defendant” attorneys and a reluctance by the “plaintiffs” to engage in a settlement that may require them to admit liability for conduct that they may not agree with.) These firms are:

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