Dental Lawsuits

Medical Malpractice & Dental Settlement

Dental lawsuits arise from injuries, infections, and failures of oral care on the part of dentists or dental health administrators. The complaints then go to state health administrators who try to protect the state’s interests. Dental lawsuits also can be filed by third parties that are not connected with the actual dentist or dental facility in any way.

Many dentists make many errors while conducting certain procedures.

Some of these mistakes may cause injury to a patient. State health administrators and their staff often do not perform adequate risk management during these procedures. Some common procedures that are the subject of dental lawsuits include:

* Medication Errors – Many dentists make similar errors during medication procedures.

Sometimes the pills prescribed for a patient do not work. When patients do not get the medication they need, they often file dental lawsuits against their doctor or dentist. It is important to get the full story from your doctor or dentist regarding the problem before deciding to file a suit.

* Malpractice – Another common source of dental lawsuits is malpractice.

There are many reasons why a dental professional may commit a malpractice act. For example, an emergency room doctor may use inappropriate sedation methods that result in injury or death. A general practitioner may make a mistake when filling a prescription. It is important to get the full story from your physician so you have a clear idea of the cause of the incident.

* Dental Bridge Surgery – If a tooth becomes damaged or broken, a dental bridge may be recommended to bridge the gap.

Unfortunately, not all dentists perform cosmetic dental bridges correctly. Before a dental bridge is used, it is important to get the full story from your dentist. It is important to know whether the procedure was done properly and if there were any problems prior to having it performed. If you have dental lawsuits filed against your dentist, seeking a dental malpractice attorney may help you get a settlement.

* Consent Decree – If you have been a victim of wrongful medical practice, a civil lawsuit can be filed in state or federal court.

A consent decree is issued between a victim and his or her attorney. The decree states that the doctor has to disclose all information about the treatment. The consent decree also requires the doctor to create a conceptual model of how the patient will experience the procedure. If your dentist has created a conceptual model, he or she must provide you with a copy of the model while you are evaluating your claim.

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