Class Action Lawsuits Against Verizon

Class Action lawsuits are one of the oldest and most reliable weapons against big corporations. In the United States, these lawsuits have been used to take down monopolies, price gouging, and anticompetitive behavior. Class Action lawsuits are a way for people who are not legally employed or working for a company to bring a lawsuit against a business entity, in order to collectively form a class of consumers with an interest in the services or products that the business provides. For example, Verizon Wireless had was collecting excessive amounts of data overage for their network connections for years, and after realizing that their practices violated the Data Overage Practices Act, Verizon decided to charge people for extra “data” they’d use (which was simply the extra mail they’d been receiving).

Verizon’s decision was not popular among consumers.

Not only were people concerned about Verizon’s profiteering, but also the fact that Verizon would now charge everyone for unused data even if they did not want it. Verizon Communications, Inc. was forced to change its practices, and they are now only collecting data overage on people who ask for it and only after charging them for it. On top of all that, Verizon Communications still does not have unlimited plans.

These types of lawsuits are generally brought by individual consumers who are basically just trying to make things right with the company they work for.

The Verizon wireless network has caused so much trouble for so many people, that it has become the class action lawsuit of choice for people who want to get compensation for the problems they’ve faced. You can get out of your contract early if you’re able to prove that your usage is harmful to your health and the health of your family. If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you know that your cell phone bill contains all the information you need to prove your case. All you have to do is ask for your data overage and present that to Verizon.

If you can prove that you used up more data in a given month than you normally use, Verizon will grant your claim for the full amount of your overage.

Verizon Communications does not have to compensate you for excessive usage, because it is a usage-based price reduction plan. It’s not like they are stealing your stuff or anything like that. They’re just saving themselves from high labor costs, excessive electrical charges, and just plain bad management practices. You can call Verizon and ask for a full detailed explanation of their overage pricing plan, or you can request that they provide you with an A&E rating (of their service) and their rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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  1. A few years ago we bought a replacement phone. We had had unlimited data, and all of a sudden Verizon said we were on a fixed plan. Apparently Verizon slanted us into this plan. The a year or two ago we started to get charged for a lot more overage data than we had used previously used. I would like to know if others have had a similar experience. And what recourse we might have.

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