Byetta Lawsuit: As an overview

A Lawsuit Against A generic Type 2 Diabetes Medication

Byetta lawsuit is a type of lawsuit that is filed by some individuals against Mylanta Pharmaceuticals and Biogen. This suit claims that the companies were negligent in approving drugs that contained Mylanta in them. The company denies the claims saying that all of their medicines do not contain any ingredients from Mylanta. These lawsuits claim that these companies knew about the possible complications that these drugs may bring and they did not take measures to mitigate such risks. The lawsuits have also been said to be fraudulent causing great financial loss to the plaintiffs.

There are many reasons why the Byetta lawsuit has caught the attention of the general public.

Firstly, there is the case of unexplained weight loss. The drug contains an ingredient or compounds that suppress appetite. The side effects of this drug include dizziness, loss of coordination and severe headaches. In fact, this is one of the most common side effects of beta antidepressants used to treat bipolar disorder.

Another reason that these lawsuits are being filed against Mylanta by patients who have used it for treating diabetes is because of the side effects caused by the drug known as insulin potentiation.

This effect occurs when the insulin hormone is forced through the cell walls of the small intestine. When this happens, more insulin is produced leading to more glucose absorption resulting to more sugar in the blood stream. This may result to beta’s increase in blood sugar level and subsequent hypoglycemia which lead to hypoxemia.

There are also allegations that the manufacturers failed to warn consumers about the possible adverse effects of their drug especially when it is used without the doctor’s prescription.

The lawsuit further claims that the company did not conduct clinical trials to evaluate the long term effects of the drug on people with diabetes. It was only after the lawsuit was filed that the company finally acknowledged the problem. They then conducted another clinical trial to determine how their product would affect 5.3 billion people diagnosed with diabetes.

It was found out that Mylanta beta was a defective drug that was unfit to treat diabetes.

It caused serious problems for diabetic patients. These problems included organ damage to the nerves. Some even died. Many individuals filed for compensation claiming that Mylanta beta caused them all kinds of harm.

It is important to note that the drug beta is one of the types of insulin pumps that are meant to be used under the supervision of a doctor.

If the product does not work properly, then you should not use it. Individuals filing for damages claim that Mylanta beta caused them all kinds of injuries, which includes organ damage and nerve damage.

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