7 Unconventional Tips: The Best Lawyers Use You Can Find in Books Before Trial

Do you have a trial? If yes, then this blog post is for you. We will discuss seven unconventional tips that the best lawyers use before trial. You may think that you need to be a lawyer to know how to defend yourself in court, but these methods can help any person accused of a crime and needs some guidance on what they should do next.

1. Lawyers Often Use Research Books to Develop Their Cases

The best lawyers will begin looking for evidence they can use in the case before trial and may even scour used bookstores or online sites like eBay to find items that are relevant to what they are working on. Often you’d be surprised where a lawyer might find information- sometimes it is in a book, sometimes it is in an old newspaper or magazine article.

A good lawyer will never overlook any possibility of finding evidence- no matter how small!

2. Lawyers Often Use the Library of Congress

The best lawyers will look at local libraries and bookstores and make sure to check out resources like the library of congress for possible evidence that might be relevant in their case. A library is an excellent place for information on how certain cases were handled throughout history- no matter what legal issue you find yourself facing.

When looking up things online, it’s essential to keep track of where exactly your searches lead you so that, if necessary, you can backtrack and know which websites are reliable sources and which ones aren’t helpful at all.

3. Lawyers Often use Popular Culture to Develop Their Cases

The best lawyers understand that pop culture is an excellent resource for understanding the general population’s beliefs about specific issues- especially how jurors view things. No matter what your legal issue may be, there will always be some way it has touched society and left an impression- no matter how big or small.

When looking at popular cultural references related to your case, keep in mind both pre and post-incident reactions so that you get a better idea of what people were thinking at the time. Also, look for cultural references that may not be as obvious.

4. Lawyers Often Use Search Engines to Develop Their Cases

The best lawyers know that even though Google and other popular search engine providers offer a lot of “answers” when you type in something like ‘criminal defense attorney’ or ‘how do I prove my innocence, it is always better to look for your sources because the ones provided by search engines aren’t necessarily reliable.

When looking up information online, it’s essential to track where exactly you found the sources- especially if they’re from a reputable website or organization. You never know when tracking down authors and other people involved with research might be helpful.

5. Lawyers Often use Statistics to Develop Their Cases

The best lawyers know that even though some statistics are biased, they still can be helpful in many ways- especially when trying to show the jury how certain common types of crimes may be. If you have a unique legal issue, it might not always make sense to look for statistical data related directly to your situation- instead, look for statistical data that is similar and might help the jury understand your case a little better.

6. Lawyers Often use Expert Witnesses to Develop Their Cases

The lawyers know that although there are many different types of experts available, it’s important to choose one who can help the jury understand your case in an easy-to-understand way and is seen as trustworthy by members of the community or industry you’re working in.

To find the perfect expert for your case, it’s important to have a good understanding of what types of qualifications you’ll need- remember that all experts are not created equal. Some might be better suited than others, depending on how complex the topic is. If necessary, try looking into someone who has expertise outside of their specialty because they might have the ability to help you prove your case.

7. Lawyers Often Use Controversial Cases to Develop Their Cases

The best lawyers know that although some might be scary or not the most popular option, using these types of examples can help you get your point across in a clear way- even if it’s just by giving them an idea of what they’re trying; to avoid. It is important to keep in mind that there are many factors to consider when using controversial cases as examples- including the jury, your audience, and how much research you’ve done.


To help you develop your case, the best lawyers know that it is important for them to look at several different sources and perspectives- including things like books, research articles, and even controversial examples. If necessary, try looking into someone who has expertise outside of their specialty because they might have the ability to help you prove your case.

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