American Sleep Medicine Lawsuit

Two Texas Sleep Med lawsuit Attorneys

In 1999, plaintiffs in an American sleep medicine lawsuit won their first case in a major court case. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected a mark that a camping product maker applied to their product because it was similar to a sleeping pill. This meant that any company could make a sleeping pill with the name of a sleeping pill and sell it as an over the counter medication. This is in violation of the Lanham Act and the Pure Food and Drug Association act. The lawsuit was later settled and the product was recalled.

There are many more instances where an American plaintiff has won their lawsuit.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Robert Zetkin, of Washington, DC, has handled quite a number of these cases, most of which involved the defendants being large nationwide corporations with well-known names. Some of these corporations have had their trademark rights revoked or have paid large fines for their illegal activities related to their products.

Zetkin has represented both plaintiffs and defendant companies. He has seen huge benefits for his clients.

One case he handled, Bluemercury v. Mylanta, LLC, involved big lots of dollars in compensation for a defenseless woman who was assaulted by a person she did not know. The situation was so bad that her condition kept her bedridden for years. She eventually lost her freedom.

Another plaintiff in the big lawsuit in the south, Rosalind Coward, became a celebrity due to a famous episode of Oprah.

After a night of drinking, her friend drove her home and offered her a ride home. Instead of taking the friend’s offer, Coward politely refused and headed to a sober facility for treatment. A week later, her story became front page news in the Atlantic city. A lot of people were angered at the lack of professionalism by the defendants and the medical personnel.

Another plaintiff in the case was a camper who was dragged through the AT&T parking lot in Dallas TX.

He suffered a shin injury and had to miss work. His employer did not replace his medical equipment or provide him with a new vehicle, even though he went to several stores to buy new ones. A Dallas TX police officer dropped by his booth and testified in court that he saw the camper step out of the vehicle and strike the ground. He was arrested and charged with assault for the accident.

The camper’s family filed a suit against the defendants, claiming that they owed him money because his medical bills and lost wages were covered by the American Auto Insurance Company.

They also claim that the AT&T parking lot was negligent and should have properly warned them that someone was inside the lot that day. The brothers face jail time and fines. The owner of the camper’s home is currently serving time in a federal prison in Fort Worth.

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