AMD Pays $12 Million to Settle Class-Action Lawsuit

AMD has settled a class-action lawsuit for false advertising, totaling $12.5 million. However, that settlement doesn’t fully reflect the true costs of the problem. According to court projections, only about a fifth of all Bulldozer chip buyers will claim the settlement. So, how much money do AMD owners stand to receive? Here’s what you need to know. Let’s get started. We’ll discuss the case in more detail.

To begin, we need to know what AMD is being sued for.

This case was filed by the State of New York and is titled Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo v. Intel Corporation. The case has no date set yet, but you will need to provide proof of purchase to file a claim. The complaint was filed in Delaware and the European Commission. If you have a claim, contact the courts listed below and get started.

AMD has agreed to pay $12 million to settle a California class-action lawsuit involving misleading marketing and false advertisements. This settlement means that AMD will be able to cover the cost of compensation for end-users, and will pay the attorney fees and settlement administration fees. This settlement means that AMD is now responsible for rectifying the problem. You don’t have to purchase any product to file a claim. Just make sure that you buy the correct model.

AMD also agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit in which it was found that it misrepresented the number of cores in the AMD Bulldozer CPU.

When it had only four cores, it advertised it as eight but had only four. The consumers sued AMD for misrepresentation. The lawsuit resulted in AMD paying $12 million. However, there are some details about the settlement that may help you decide whether to proceed with your claim.

AMD has agreed to pay $12 million to settle a class-action lawsuit in California over allegedly misleading consumers over the number of cores in its CPUs. The case also claims that AMD’s FX-8000/9000 CPUs are not 8-cores. As a result, they can’t perform their advertised functions. It was, however, the company’s ‘false advertising’ policies resulted in consumers being misled into buying the wrong processor.

The AMD settlement deal resolves a class-action lawsuit filed against the company.

This lawsuit was filed in California because AMD misrepresented the number of cores in its FX-8000/9000 CPUs. This violation violates California’s Unfair Competition Law. This is why AMD has agreed to pay $12 million to the users. This is a great result for everyone. And it may just mean the beginning of a recovery for all AMD customers.

According to the lawsuit, AMD has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit against it. The settlement also covers customers in California who bought AMD processors and thought they were buying octa-core CPUs. If you have a qualified AMD CPU, you can get $300 for it. The AMD settlement allows you to buy up to five AMD CPUs, so it’s possible to receive hundreds of dollars. The payments are currently being distributed to those who qualify.

The settlement will help AMD focus on new processors. The company’s website boasts that AMD is more competitive than Intel. A settlement with AMD will also help it focus on newer products. Its competitors aren’t interested in a class-action lawsuit that goes back eight years. They’d rather focus on making new products. But a class-action lawsuit can have a huge impact on your business. It is very important to read the settlement carefully and get all the facts before filing a claim.

The settlement agreement is a win-win for AMD and consumers alike.

The company will pay $12 million to settle the class-action claim. That’s about a third of the total cost of AMD’s processors, and AMD has a huge profit margin for its products. This is a great deal for consumers. If you have a good computer, it will last longer than you think. A lot of people don’t have the time to research newer CPUs, but they do have access to reviews online.

AMD challenged the pricing practices of Intel. The company made claims that Intel should have provided rebates and discounts to consumers. However, AMD was not satisfied with these offers and has filed a class action. The settlement funds have not reached a million dollars, but the claims filed by AMD have been worth several billion dollars. It’s possible that AMD could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars if it can be made in the same way as its competitors.

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