Class Action Lawsuit Against Duke Energy

Duke Energy is facing class action lawsuits regarding its emissions from its power plants. What are the issues here? It seems like everyone agrees that Duke Energy is a dangerous company; that’s why the lawsuits are being brought.

However, in reviewing the complaint, one has to wonder who is actually being held accountable?

Why aren’t they holding an internal investigation to determine what caused the defect? If they didn’t care, why would they be suing?

Is this an inside job? Is the current Duke Energy attorney, David R. Tucker, Jr. (retired) working for the fossil fuel industry?

Well, let me say, if this is true, then Duke Energy owes every one of its shareholders their due. Not only should he be fired but also, every one on the board of directors should be fired as well.

If this is not an inside job, then where is the evidence?

Have they even produced it? Why did they put out a press release about this issue only days before the primaries? Is this a coincidence? Who could have leaked this information and why?

Now then, let’s consider why Duke Energy may be facing class action lawsuits regarding their carbon footprint.

If you read Dr. Tucker’s bio at the link below, he is a practicing therapist. This indicates that he has a lot of experience dealing with clients who are angry at their current situation. He has seen the lawsuits coming a mile away. He knows that the lawsuits are coming, and he is not surprised at all.

As the owner and CEO of Duke Energy, it is my contention that you do not need a lawsuit to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to keep global warming from destroying our civilization and our planet.

If you feel that you need a lawsuit against Duke Energy to help you achieve that goal, then good for you. If you feel that you can accomplish this without a lawsuit, then I commend you for that as well. But if you are absolutely certain that you have a case, and you are looking into taking a class action lawsuit against Duke Energy, then I would advise you to follow the advice I provided at the end of this article.

In looking into taking a class action lawsuit against Duke Energy, it is very important to understand the dynamics of global warming.

What causes global warming? Why is it occurring? The answer to these questions, along with many others, will determine whether or not you should file a lawsuit or if you should explore other avenues to dealing with the problem of global warming.

A lawsuit is a serious thing to consider, but it is also an option.

If you are looking into taking a case against Duke Energy for their emissions of global warming gases, you may want to start by getting your own copy of Dr. James Hansen’s book “In Your Face: Thinking about Global Warming”. This provides a lot of information on how climate change is being caused, and it explains what you can do to stop it. You can also research more about a class action lawsuit here and decide if you feel that you have a case, and if so, what kind of case it is.

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